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Greenbelt Bandit Off-Road Triathlon, Trail Run, and Holiday Party

Date: Dec 31, 2011 8:00 am


Casa Del Cleveland

4450 Stearns Lane

Sunset Valley, TX 78735 (map)

Cost: FREE - Bring a Pot Luck dish

Full Description: This year, our "Holiday Party" will be a unique, inaugural, Greenbelt Bandit Off-Road Triathlon, Trail Run and Celebration. End the year with a bang! and burn those calories in preparation for your New Year's Eve parties. You do not have to race, you can just come and enjoy the fun, spectating. Please bring a potluck dish to share for after the race.


Trail run done as group run

Triathlon as follows: All contestants and spectators will meet at race headquarters ready for an ez warm-up ride down to Barton Springs.

Swim: Swim will consist of 2-4 lengths in Barton Springs starting and ending from the ramp in the shallow end - swim length is your choice but you will be judged!

Bike: Contestants will then mount their bikes and race to the "Hill of Life" climbing the hill using the "Goat track" trail on the left side of the hill (between the main trail up and the longstanding alternate route) The goat track deposits athletes about 2/3 of the way up the hill onto the alternate trail. Proceed up the alternate trail approximately 300m bearing right onto a flat trail that returns you to the main ascent. Take your first right onto the singletrack trail that descends past the "Troll Hut" and returns you to the main trail at the base of HOL. Return along the main trail climbing the "Elephant's Back" and take your next right hand trail Climb back up to the neighborhood and return to 4450 Stearns Lane.

Run: Exit through back gate and turn left to descend switchback to "Sweet 16" Out and back along this trail until Travis Country. Return past the entrance of switchback trail all the way to main trail junction. Climb short steep hill past Stearns property to finish back at 4450 Stearns Lane.

Awards: No awards but plenty of smack talk and bragging rights

Award Ceremony/ Potluck: No awards but plenty of food and drink at a Pot luck cook out

Showers available at race site!

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